My track record

For the record. A taste of my skills, expertise and experience

I was a journalist/sub editor with Portsmouth & Sunderland Newspapers. I then spent a good number of years in corporate communications writing and editing business newspapers and magazines, scripting and directing videos, arranging conferences and writing lots (and lots!) of media releases.  I have worked in PR agencies and local government and, as a freelancer, I’ve enjoyed working with a wide range of clients. I’ve interviewed all types of people from CEOs to celebrities, from entrepreneurs,  to care assistants and, from startups to blue chips. I’ve covered topics ranging from dementia, franchising and complementary therapies to software, jewellery,  management, lean manufacturing IT,  HR and tea. (Oh yes!)   You can see more here

My skills & expertise

  • Features, case studies, blogs
  • Editing and proofreading – casting a professional eye over drafts for publication, presentations, scripts and speeches
  • Copy-editing your book – fiction, autobiography, memoir
  • Web content – fresh, relevant, engaging and SEO-friendly copy
  • Product reviews – anything to do with technology or working from home

There’s more but, frankly, we’d both be better off having a chat over a nice cup of coffee to see if I can do what you need. So contact me on the form below or email me  at  



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