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These are my favourite blogs and websites. You might like them too.

For wisdom and some down-to-earth observations about how to do life together. Linda Apple is one of the best. She’s also a talented writer and I’m in love with her Mississippi Moonlight series of novels. I’m proud to call her my friend.

Anyone who knows me will know that I love the arts, particularly theatre. For a bird’s eye view of life behind the curtain in an arts centre, I recommend following  Theatre Nobody

When life bites you on the bottom, many a writer turns to blogging about it.  One of my BBFs has decided to chart her experience of chemo, so please enjoy her funny, frank and enlightening blog Who’s going to get the chicken? and cheer her on from the sidelines.

Have you seen the global buzz around Funky3Dfaces? If you fancy seeing your own face on a cute LEGO hero figure, this is the site for you. Go on, you know you want to.

I love a cake – well, I need something to soak up all the tea – and Baked By Eileen is one of the best around these parts. If you’re not in the Lincolnshire area, at least you can enjoy the photos of her beautiful cakes.

The queen of gift wrapping is Jane Means. Jane’s a great gal and a friend from Lincolnshire who’s now travelling the world to wrap for the biggest and the best – think Dior, Chanel, Harvey Nicks – you get the picture! Jane also holds masterclasses so the rest of us can aspire to beautifully presented gifts. Jane taught me how to wrap up a circular box, with pleats.  Despite my natural tendency for inappropriate creasing and sticky tape usage it looked fantastic! Take a course, buy her book. Christmas will never be the same again.

Work From Home Wisdom Lots of excellent advice for those who work at home from Judy Heminsley, the queen of home workers. Judy also wrote a book for all of us home workers.

Judy's excellent book freelancers who work from home
Judy’s excellent book freelancers who work from home


Not content with that, Judy is also the mistress of All Things bright and Good a feel good site that aims to show us how to live a lovely life for less and enjoy what we already have. A woman after my own heart!

Phil Cosker is a writer and a friend who has created an interesting and thoughtful blog – the title says it all –  Writing about Writing

The chances of making beautifully tailored clothes for myself are remote, but I do have a sewing machine and with blogs like Handmade Jane’s around – she even shows you how to sew knickers  – anything could happen. I did once get this far in the knicker making department.        


Meanwhile, I admire her talent from afar. One day I might tackle a frock.


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