The back story

I’ve had the privilege of working for and with some big companies as well as some smaller local businesses, including Funky3Dfaces, Russell Payne & Co, Lincoln Arts Trust and Restore  – these last two being Lincolnshire charities.  Previously I’ve worked with IBM UK, Red Hat, Lincolnshire County Council, Lava PR, Cambridgeshire County Council, Age Concern (as was), Total-E-Bound Publishing, Unipart, nPower Renewables, The Orders of St. John Care Trust, Wincanton Engineering and Brodeur PR. Phew! Freelancers get around.

As an editor and writing coach, I have also had the great pleasure of helping many people fulfil their dream of writing a book (or two). When is the right time to write your book? It’s now.

And yes, I’ve even written my own book. It’s a story for younger girls and it’s called Flo and the Wild West Adventure. Find it here on Amazon.







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