It’s not the heat…if only it were

I love a good heatwave, but I suspect it makes me a teeny bit more grumpy than usual. In the last few days I’ve had to have a serious word with myself about being bothered by certain things – such as poor punctuation, bad grammar and wacky spelling.  Although, to be fair, being meticulous about these things is part of what I do for a living, so in that context I stand easy. But there is so much other stuff that sends me, quite pointlessly, into a tizzy.

Take, for example, the Allianz/Channel 4 ad for the Paralympics last night that claimed its plucky competitors  had ‘overcome insurmountable odds’ in order to compete. Well, that pushed my button because odds that can be overcome are very clearly not insurmountable, so buck up you advertisers and if you don’t understand what a word means, look it up in a dictionary ( a big book of words and their meanings, very popular in ‘the olden days’) before you plaster it over national television.

Today, the media seems to be fixated on Jeremy Corbyn’s train trip on Virgin’s East Coast line. Well,  I travel this line frequently and have never had to stand up or sit on the floor because I usually, quite sensibly, buy a ticket online in advance and reserve a seat. Once again, a front bench MP shows how estranged they are from the world that the rest of us live in.  Note to media: please don’t give examples of rank stupidity the oxygen of publicity (even when videos of said stupidity are helpfully supplied).

I am also getting annoyed by the overuse of the word ‘luxe’. There seem to be an awful lot of products sold under the luxe tag these days, eyeliners, lipsticks, bed sheets, soap, candles, parties, hotels, breakfasts…even when they are patently not ‘luxe’ but merely expensive. It’s the same old story of advertisers jumping on a new and frisky horse and riding it until it becomes a beaten down and feeble old hack. Which is perhaps an appropriate point for me to sign off…








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