Five things I must get round to blogging about…

I spend more time blogging for other people than I do for myself. And after I’ve turned out four or five business posts in a day I just don’t feel like writing my own. I feel like stretching out on the sofa with a gin.

But I always have a list of topics that I plan to blog about when I have the time or inclination. I carry a notebook around with me every day. In fact, I keep a separate notebook for each client as well as a personal one – hence I tend to tout a leather satchel or an unfeasibly large handbag around most of the time. You never know when you might see or hear something that would make an interesting post and, with my memory, jotting it down immediately in the appropriate notebook is essential.

My personal blog topics are not generally business focused, although I suppose some of them ought to be, given my profession. No, my posts are mostly shallow discourses on the minutiae of daily life, things that either amuse or depress me, and posts that could loosely be put in the revoltingly-named category of ‘thought pieces’.

The top five on my current list are:

  • A rant about the Rimmel mascara that promised to gradually tint my eyelashes  over time. It didn’t.
  • Procrastination and how to get over it. Ironically.
  • Query: Why doesn’t M&S provide a wider range of pant styles for their pretty matching sets? A plea.
  • Unnecessary domestic packaging.  Bedding and shirts that have a cardboard stiffener (why?), Canon Printing ink cartridges supplied in weapons-grade plastic boxes, to name just two.
  • The joy that is the Edinburgh Festival

Strangely, now I’ve named them I no longer feel the need to write the actual posts.

Except perhaps for the Edinburgh Festival, which is bound to offer some interesting experiences over the three days I’ll be there. Just the pleasure of being back in the city of Edinburgh is enough to spawn a few posts.  Don’t wait up.


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