I’m happy, but the cat? Not so much.

The last two weeks have flown past in a sudden and unexpected flurry of work and new clients. But, after a month or so when work was merely steady, it was good to have that extra buzz going on.

This is what freelance life is all about – one day wondering where the next meal is coming from (OK – maybe not quite that bad!) and the next, the phone doesn’t stop ringing and you’re working late into the night every night. Meanwhile, the cat wanders around affronted because his belly isn’t being scratched as often as he thinks it deserves to be. There’s no pattern, no certainty, but it’s one of the things I love about being a freelance.  It feels just a little bit risky, a little bit ‘living on the edge’.

When I have less work to do, I spend time catching up with previous clients, my regulars, or I do a spot of networking – just generally putting myself out there a little more – seeing and being seen. But next week – well, who knows?  I’m meeting a new client who reached out to me as a result of a networking event I attended about five weeks ago, so I’m excited about that.

And look – I’ve actually found time today to write a short post!  I’m in the zone and the sun is shining. And, yes. The cat is happy.


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