I can do this stuff in my sleep.

Time is of the essence to the freelancer, especially when urgent work comes in at short notice – and with a miniscule deadline attached to it. So I like to think of as many ways as possible to save time on the more mundane daily tasks. Here are seven things I do while I’m enjoying a good night’s sleep.

1. Pay my bills. All my bills are paid by direct debit so I never have to faff around during the day or deal with reminder letters. The money comes in. The money goes out. Bang. Job done. Almost completely painless.

2. Slather on skin cream. Every night I smother my face and body with good skin cream and let it work its magic overnight. Result? Soft, smooth skin with next to no effort. Especially good after a shower or soak. It doesn’t have to be expensive cream either – my current favourite product is Nivea Soft – £6 for a 300ml pot. Brilliant stuff.

3. Dream up ideas. I keep a pen and notebook beside the bed to capture the ideas that pop into my head in dreams or those sleepy, fuzzy early morning moments. I always feel entitled to a few more minutes snoozing when I know there’s an idea ready to be explored later.

4. Prepare breakfast. Yes. Soak those porridge oats in a saucepan with just enough cold water to cover them. In the morning it only takes two minutes to heat through and then I add a big spoonful of cream and top with fresh raspberries. None of your microwave nonsense.

5. Do my washing. I set the washing machine on delay and retire gracefully. My washing is done in the early hours so it’s ready to hang up to dry before I even open my laptop.

6. Love the slow cooker. Prepping the veggies and meat the evening before means the meal marinades overnight in the pot in the fridge and then it only takes a few seconds to plug it in and switch on. It’s fabulous when 6pm comes around and the gorgeous aroma of a good dinner reaches me, as if by magic. Time for a glass of wine while I savour the moment.

7. Schedule tweets in advance. I schedule all my business tweets once, or twice a week at the most, using a great tool called Buffer. In one short session I can line up all my important tweets for the week and know that they’ll be posted exactly on the date and time I want them to appear. Saves me loads of time.

Any ideas you could add to these? Please share!


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