Could a Bootcamp get your business mojo back?

Today I attended my first bootcamp, but I didn’t break into a sweat once. That’s not because I didn’t work hard, only that this was a bootcamp for the brain, not the body.

It’s so easy to get into a rut – we call them routines. The morning bathroom routine; the same daily commute; the same coffee stop on the way into work; the same Saturday big shop. Routines become second nature and we stop thinking about them. We’re on autopilot. We could do this stuff in our sleep.

Maybe this is fine for some things – if you’re not a morning person at least the bathroom routine gets you out of the door on time without being too painful. But what if you run your business by routine? Do you, as the management saying goes, always do what you always do – and always get the same result, even if it’s bad? Is your business soaring or coasting? The chances are that, unless you’re constantly introducing new ideas into your business, you’re probably coasting. Maybe you already have a sneaking feeling that things could (should) be doing a lot better?

If that’s ringing a bell, going to a Business Bootcamp will really blow your mind. It blew mine today. Here’s why.

Today, along with 60 or so others,  I spent four hours listening to an accountant talk. Yeah, I know. But Russell Payne isn’t your average accountant and he doesn’t do dull. What he does is challenge his audience in just about every aspect of their business, from the bottom to the top. We were challenged today on our marketing and the way we used our time. He was relentless – in a good way – and you could almost hear the sound of pennies dropping as we all began to get the message.

Yes, we all saw things we could be doing better. And they were simple things. Like using pay-per-click, refreshing and updating tired websites, using up to date technology, delegating the admin, hiring experts (people like me, for example) to improve web content, marketing copy and brand image. Believe me, those four hours flew past.

And afterwards? I enjoyed some of the best conversations with other SME business owners I’ve had for a very long time. The room was full of energy and we’d had a great experience. We laughed. We learned. Heck – we even hugged!  I couldn’t recommend anything more likely to get you out of a business rut than Russell Payne’s Business Bootcamp.





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