Gotta have a goal…

I like having goals. They fit in well with my ‘if I’ve got a list, it’ll get done’ approach to life.  OK, maybe not everything gets done. I’m still a stranger to the ukelele I bought four years ago.

I’ve chosen one word to represent my approach to the coming 12 months, and the word is… stretch.  I want to stretch my mind, my body and my finances. I have no plan as to exactly how I will do this or where it will lead me but I do have a few ideas. It’s definitely the year to live with less stuff, for example. Even my garage is bulging with things I don’t use and maybe haven’t even seen for a few years.

I’ll be doing more fundraising for my favourite charities. It’s fun and I get a thrill out of it. Using my skills and imagination to live well on less and at the same time raise cash for other people will stretch me in all sorts of ways. It’s certainly changing the way I think.

Likewise stretching my body. My running days are over.  I may have enjoyed it once or twice over the years but it was always a chore rather than a pleasure and life’s too short to waste it on things I don’t enjoy.  I’ve gone back to Pilates instead.

There’s more home cooking  going on now and I plan to bring more people to my table to share it.   On the agenda for stretching my mind is a little more travel, a little more opera and a little more thinking. That’s just for starters. Who knows what opportunities will come my way to learn more, experience more and listen more? Of course, it’s also possible that, by this time next year,  I will be accompanying myself on the ukelele and ripping through a repertoire of songs – goodness knows the instrument has been a reproach to me every time I pass it by, forlornly propped up against a bookcase. Or will that be a stretch too far?  We’ll see. Do tell me if you know of a ukelele bootcamp…

(This post was originally published in January 2014. I can now play the ukelele)


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