(Nearly) all about me …

Janet Marshall-007

Once a journalist and, after a longish career in the corporate communications business, I’m now using the business knowledge and skills I’ve acquired over the last 30 years by being a part-time associate lecturer on the amazing Work-based Distance Learning programme at the University of Lincoln’s International Business School. This programme enables new and experienced managers to apply academic theory to their practical experience in business, engineering, HR or logistics, and so gain an honours degree in Business Management, while still working. It’s a significant commitment to set aside time to study while juggling home, family, work and all the other elements of a busy life, but these amazing men and women are all determined to take a further educational step and push themselves to success, and it’s a genuine pleasure to help them achieve their dreams.

Earlier this year, I decided to pay a long visit to my family in Australia, and swapping Lincoln for the Sunshine Coast in Queensland has been a good move.  Perhaps surprisingly, I don’t spend much time on the beach – which is only 200 metres away from my front door – but life is pleasantly busy with work, time spent with new friends, sewing (an old passion revived) and really, just enjoying living a more relaxed, outdoorsy life in tremendous sunshine.




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